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Default Re: What's the best way to bi-amp my font L/R's?

An Adcom GFA 535 is a good amp that you picked up. I am using a GFA 2535 for my bedroom system which is essentially two GFA 535 amps in one box. It was the first amp that I bought out of college, and it still works well for its age. I am using it for bi-amping the mains. I am not doing it as cleverly as Ken suggests; I am just utilizing the pre-outs w/ a Y-cable on the left and right.

About 7+ years back I had a local electronics store request a special AQ build to make me a 1m Y-cable so that I would not have unbalanced interconnects plugging into small Y-adapters and then into the receiver. It was ~ $150 back then to have a pair made.

Some unbalanced component / amp combinations pick-up some nasty hum, especially when adapters get thrown into the mix. To reduce this risk, I had the custom Y-cables built which worked out nicely.
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