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Default Re: Blu-ray player sales are falling!

Ken I agree with you. The high-res of HD actually makes it much more expensive for both Hollywood and the porn industry to keep the fantasy of movies more realistic. The main reason I am told that they love about the Blu-ray format is the interactivity between the viewer and the actress/actor. From making the viewer almost a director of sorts all the way to the 'sensor' suits that are under development. The escape from reality and the huge $$'s people are willing to pay for that escape, especially in 'bad' economic times, will drive all of the creative technologies at a ever faster rate. Many will fail and early adopters will always want the next new thing. The masses will follow the winners.

Rex, that is my assumption from my perspective but there are so many factors it is hard to know the full truth about much anymore. is offline   Reply With Quote