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Default Re: What's the best way to bi-amp my font L/R's?

You can do this pretty easily, if you receiver has two pairs of outputs for the front it is easier, then you just wire each set to a pair of channels on the A5 and wire the powered outs to the high and low posts on the speaker (BTW I assume your speaker can be bi-wired or this is all moot!)

Be cautious with keep right and left correct, I know it seems obvious, but any time you add a variable, you add a chance for error!

If you don't have two sets of pre outs for the front, you could use Zone 2 and usually program it to always be the same as zone 1, thus making a second set of pre-outs for the fronts.

You could also use a splitter off each pre-out for the fronts. Either way you wire it, you will need to rebalance the levels of your speakers once it is done.

I outlined this for using the A5 only, as this is generally the better way to do this, though some people do use different amps for the top and bottom end, so you could experiment with this if you want.....

Good luck! I went through the whole multi-amp thing a few years back, it does add some clarity and detail, but at the cost of headaches. When my one system was fully complete, I was running seven dual mono amps for a 5.1 system...... Wiring this system was a PITA, and unfortunately, I re-did that rig about five or six times.......
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