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Question What's the best way to bi-amp my font L/R's?

A while ago, a friend gave me his old Adcom GFA 535 stereo amplifier because he said it was broken and he had had it replaced. 10 minutes and a $5 fuse later I had it working. I used the pre-outs from my Marantz SR19 and used this amp to drive my front L/R's. I was so impressed by the way this little 60 watter improved on the Marantz's 105 watts that I recently purchased an Anthem A5. Ultimately, I plan to replace the receiver with a pre/pro. Until I have the cash for that upgrade, I need some way to satisfy my lust for something 'different'. Since I'm running a 5.1 system, it seems I have a couple of spare channels of amplification to play with. I'm thinking, "Why not use them to somehow bi-amp the main speakers?" Problem is, I haven't a clue how to connect things up.
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