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Default Re: Blu-ray player sales are falling!

The main problem I have as a custom reseller with Blu-ray players right now is there are no players to be had with the exception of the BDP-301 at Costco sometimes. At least here in Texas. I have only received 6 total players since Jan 5th from any manufacture. 4 of these where the excellent Denon DVD3800BDCI. Finally a decent machine to install for client's who care about quality first and price second. We are in a strange market right now. Everyone complains about the economy and the prices of everything and when you want to go buy anything of quality the manufactures are out of stock. Pioneer comes to mind. Try to find a Blu-ray or plasma from them anywhere. They have been sold out for months and wonder why their profits are down.
I agree on the download video format. It will eventually be the only way to buy content. Apple is great and works beautifully if you are 100% Apple. Mac Computer, iPhone and iPod works very well together. Vudu is a much better choice for the non-Mac owners and has already signed agreements with major audio manufactures to allow one machine to share data with another which has been a major stumbling block for this format. The Windows Media HD format has the highest quality picture and audio possible with the launch of VideoGiants. These formats and their contracts with the Hollywood studios is why you can no longer store pay-per-view downloads on your cable or satellite DVR's.
I'm don't believe Sony has any reason to help HD-DVD owners other than good will. Both Sony and Toshiba offered Warner a lot of money to choose one format. Warner chose and here we are. Toshiba knew they where in a bad position when Microsoft decided not to integrate HD-DVD players into the X-box. For whatever reason the owners of Sony's PS-3 where the one's asking the porn industry for HD-discs. But that dirty little secret is another topic not to be discussed. is offline   Reply With Quote