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Default Re: Blu-ray player sales are falling!

This is Really no surprise to me. Sony has done nothing to meet the consumers that already selected HD DVD.
I for one am considering competing technologies which can be updated within minutes.
Apple TV for one has tremendous potential for upgradeability every-time you get a new movie. They are talking about 1080P support and maybe even 1440i(14.4) when the Video Displays are capable of presenting in that format.
So after getting burned by the Movie studios and Sony making no clear transition path to BluRay technologies Movie downloads are a real alternative on devices costing less than standalone players from Sony and the bunch of supporters.

By the way I have seen plenty of the 300 and panasonic players at the Best Buy and Circuit City so supply isn't a real issue at this point.

Read the post about Apple's deal to get releases the same day as DVDs!

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