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Default Re: Bel Canto Amplication

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you. No you did not miss the McIntosh review. It should post January 1st. While I will be sending it back to McIntosh now that the review is over, I throughly enjoyed my time with it. Its sound has gotten me thinking about getting their big tube stereo amp for my reference two channel rig to go along with my Hovland HP-100 preamp.
I just read your MC207 review. I have two of these and use them in one system in a bi-amping configuration for almost 3 years now. It never even occurred to me to worry about dropping them and cracking the glass. But, I guess if that's the worst you can say about them, they must be good.

Also, I have never had the protection circuits kick-in when listening at moderate levels.
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