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Thumbs down Re: Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?

It most definitely is to lo fi for me. I do not own one. But have listened to a few of my sons friends units. First, the earbuds are horrible. Even my son and his best friend know that my Grados are better. Then, since most down load Mp3 compressed files, not WAV (in fear they will lose too much memory! or just plain lack of knowledge) that degrades the sound even further. And it does not help that Apple advertises as high quality. That is where the real problem is.

But, is this about quality or convenience? Even our baby boomer crowd, went for convenience or fashion over quality. Remember the "Sony Walkman"? The one thing I will give it, is its ability to archive material. BUT, would I use this as a media server. Absolutely not. Its a TRAVEL tool!!
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