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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto IV; Anyone got it?

hey this is Peter Deacongreg's son. Man all I can say is this game is crazy. The sickest game of the year!!! you will definitely will be glued to it from the start. The story is kind of a set up from gta vice city. The graphics are amazing, the most realistic thing you could find. I played just played it yesterday at a friends house because even though it is the greatest game, it only came out on 360 and ps3 but its all good!!! my friends and i were amazed by the graphics and how real everything looks. it basically feels like you are in the game the driving is more realistic
the cars too and the shooting aspects are amazing and very realistic not using this term lightly.
but anyways i hope you enjoy the game and all the different fun things you can do in this new gta!!!!!
Have fun!!
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