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Default Re: Don't make my mistake regarding PS3

It's not surprising that there are different results with different gear. As far as color goes, I gave up a long time ago with trying to judge by "eye". How would I know, unless I can actually see the master tape, what is "true" color. I have had my projector professionally calibrated and it is spot on. I put the PS3 and Denon through the Blu-ray Essentials disc. I have used the DVD Essentials, and now the Blu-ray essentials disc. When I first started using them for calibrating my players, I found that I personally favored more "blue" than what was true.

Maybe I got lucky with my unit, but my PS3 tracked out to be essentially perfect all around, according to the Essentials disc. I did not have to make any adjustments. I did, however, have to adjust my Denon unit. It was off (too high) on the blue color, and because of the way it adjusts color, I couldn't quite get it perfect. I could adjust the projector to get it there, but my projector is properly calibrated and is a stable "base". I don't like to have to create another saved setting and switch between them. I also swapped the identical HDMI cables with the same results.

As far as the audio goes, I was running solely through HDMI. I'm sure your system is more revealing than mine, so maybe the difference was noticable. In my system, I couldn't really notice a dfference.

Also, for a long time now (but not initially), every disc has played perfectly on the Denon. Since the initial post, however, I'm encountering problems with audio on the David Gilmour disc and Resident Evil Extinction is freezing up. They both, however, play perfectly on the PS3. A firmware upgrade to my Denon 3803ci receiver or players have always corrected these types of issues in the past. The Panasonic and Sony BDP-S300 have had similar problems in the past, but they both play these dics fine. In the past, it was so bad that at one point, my wife said "I'm not getting excited until I see the credits". A while ago, I even went as far as putting my old preamp back into my system and had the players downconvert to PCM, but I still had the issues.

For me, this is an unforgivable problem that I will remove at almost any cost. It totally ruins my movie watching experience. I thought the Denon solved the problem, but it didn't.

Sorry to vent, but this last bout of recurring playback problems has really got me steamed.

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