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Cool Re: Experience with "Ice Block amplifiers" Seymour AV

Originally Posted by Butch View Post
Check out this link to a review of d-sonic's ice-power amplifiers: After reading about these amps, I'm wishing that I could've auditioned them before I bought my Anthem Statement A5. I considered Nuforce amps, but after having some problems getting a modified Monster power conditioner from them, I was left wondering about their ability to maintain high quality. Here's a ink to the d=sonic web site mentioned in the review
Cool I wonder if any of the magazine reviewr could write a comparative article with all the manufacturer who sell ICEPower repackaged: Rotel, Bel Canto, Rowland, D-Sonic, Seymour AV and so on.... this would give customers a better sense of what they are buying looks or sound!!
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