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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Well, I guess my insticts were right about Classe, and they typify the dilemma faced by our high end manufacturers. They can produce great sounding analog output stages and amplifers, but this new fangled digital stuff - HDMI, automatic room correction, losslessly decompressed multichannel, etc. - is impossible for them to keep up with. Also, look at poor Theta and its' magnificent Casablanca. While it was once the ne plus ultra in technology, in terms of critical features to take us into the Blu-Ray age, it is totally lost in the dust behind the Asians. Maybe their new owners will be able to get this turned around. I hope Anthem is able to hang in there, and they do seem to be working hard at it.

Honestly, though, I am thrilled at the pace of improvement in audio. I think we are witnessing a paradigm shift as digital technology really starts penetrating the audio signal path. Having been a high end audiophile for all these years (about 40), I think we are witnessing something significat here. The analog-centric high end can no longer look down on and disdain the sonic capabilities of digital-technology-driven home theater. I think it was Satchel Paige, the great Negro league and major league pitcher who said, "Don't look back. Something may be gaining on you."

OK, I am an early adopter, but I have switched, because I am able to get better sound from a home theater system than I have ever experienced anywhere in the high end world of 2-channel vinyl or Redbook CD.

My crystal ball still predicts an all digital signal path (eventually a wireless one) from source to digitally amplified speakers someday in the not to distant future - within 10 years, maybe. It is looking like the mainly American high end establishment will not be the ones who bring it to us.
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