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Cool Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
Ken - It will be interesting to see what Classe's new pre/pro is capable of. We have to balance Classe's rejection of Audyssey for what ever reason against Wisdom Audio's and Phase Technology's acceptance of it. Both should be knowledgeable about room acoustics, because they make pretty good (and expensive) speakers. It's interesting that they see Audyssey as an added plus to the sound of their speakers.

We do not know exactly why Classé rejected Audyssey, but I suspect it is more for the product differentiation reason I cited, like Krell, Anthem and others. Classé is probably going to invent their own "room correction" system, because any pre/pro or receiver costing over $1,000 today has got to have this feature to be competitive.
Classé said that they will not include any automatic room correction" system and that they have a manual EQ that one can use an audio professional to tailor the pre to their need!!

I believe they just didn't want to pay the licensing fees for Audyssey, THX and so on!!!

I hope they live up to the hype with the SSP-800 since it won't even decode the new Codec DD true HD and DTS-Master Audio!!! They will have an upgrade some time in the future!! We will see it is very disappointing that is all I can say to launch a brand new product and not even offer the latest features!!

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