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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Ken - It will be interesting to see what Classe's new pre/pro is capable of. I know the old one was very good sounding. It just was not up to date in terms of features. But, I am in no hurry at all to do anything about my Integra, because I am enjoying the best reproduced sound I have ever heard with it.

We have to balance Classe's rejection of Audyssey for what ever reason against Wisdom Audio's and Phase Technology's acceptance of it. Both should be knowledgable about room acoustics, because they make pretty good (and expensive) speakers. It's interesting that they see Audyssey as an added plus to the sound of their speakers.

We do not know exactly why Classe rejected Audyssey, but I suspect it is more for the product differentiation reason I cited, like Krell, Anthem and others. Classe is probably going to invent their own "room correction" system, because any pre/pro or receiver costing over $1,000 today has got to have this feature to be competitive. But, also because it is a great breakthrough in improved sound. At least, I think so. Maybe Anthem's is going to be better, who knows.

In any case after years of high-endedly looking down at "Jap crap", my hat is off to Onkyo, Denon, Marantz and also to NAD for jumping on this technology ahead of everybody else. They were able to recognize the potential, succesfully engineer it in and roll it out to their high volume markets while much of our high end was still trying to maintain the technological status quo. Marantz is coming out wit a new pre/pro with it, and Denon, as we know, already has a new one. Yamaha has implemented their own non-Audyssey version. I just read a review of $1,600 Sony receiver that does not have any room correction. What are they thinking?

The Asian tradition of quickly deploying leading edge technology, often borrowed American technology like Audyssey, has set many markets on their ears in our lifetime already. Their ability to offer very high quality at lower than existing prices has just killed many American and many European companies. Look at what they have done to cars, motorcycles, cameras, televisions, etc., etc. As I see it, they are making a real challenge to our high end audio electronics companies right now. Audyssey is a key part of that.
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