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Default Re: Next Gen, HDMI 1.3 Receivers Slow To Market Do You Really Need Them?

I hear that greg!

Let's see, how many pre/pro's have I owned in the last few years.... I think I've had seven in the past five years go through my system, one was for review....

I added one to add 5.1 analog ins, then upgraded that one, then got another one that was better and added 5.1 inputs to that, then progressed to HDMI switching/scaling, and now to get all the new audio codecs made another switch..... It's no wonder I can tear down and rebuild my system quickly, I do it every few months!

These things aren't cheap either and thery lose value so quickly it's pathetic. I would say the pre/pro is the lowest return on investment in the audio industry! Amps are amps, players do get outdated, but a good player is still a good player. Speakers last a long time and settle out in value as well, but a pre/pro.... Damn! I remember when I bought my Linn AV5103 years ago it retailed for $8,800, I bought it for $4,300 (a really good deal at the time) maybe 2.5 years later I was happy to get $1,300 for it!

I'll be glad when all the dust settles and I can stop trying to stay current!
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