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Default Re: Netflix vs. for Blu-ray titles

Originally Posted by oildalemonkey View Post
Would the average Blu-ray disc last long enough to be rented hundreds of times? I've had a couple of fairly recent NetFlix BD releases recently that would not play they were scratched so badly, so I have to wonder what the actual average life-span is. I know they have machines to polish damaged discs but at some point the discs must be retired (re-sold or sent back to the distributor) right?
I have had an occasional problem with this too, both with SD DVD and the newer formats as well. I am always amazed at how badly some of the discs are scratched up, it is almost like the were used as moving discs on asphalt before being sent back in!

I doubt this is specific to type of disc, just shows how careless some renters are. I would suspect Blu-ray to be more susceptible to this, but haven't seen this yet, over the years I have had several SD DVD's that were unplayable, or most least favorite, played until the final chapters then died out. I have to date only had one high res disc fail, and have rented many but as these players become more common, this might be more of an issue, only time will tell.
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