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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

I think they are both important; Both room treatments and proper equalization. To say one or the other is the only needed solution is nearsided IMO. Of course how necessary it is, and whether or not it's worth spending money on it is another question. We all know acoustic treatments can be very expensive and time consuming to do properly, but the end results can be quite rewarding. Trying to set an equalizer manually can be just as time consuming or more, yet has the advantage of obtaining the desired goal much more accurately than acoustic treatments. Certainly having a computer do the job is the solution.

As far as frequency response issues are concerned (and let's face it, that's pretty much all an equalizer can fix), the room acoustics and loudspeaker characteristics will play a far bigger role than any of the electronics (amplifier, wires). Indeed, even the best loudspeakers in an ideal environment can use some help, and most systems are very far removed from ideal in many ways. We can't all go buy a house with a specially shaped audiophile room (which is to a degree an oxymoron, since an ideal room would be no room). I'm sure yours is about as close as one can get Fitz.

Of course this is all way off topic from the original post, which is about "dynamic volume". Basically an automatic level control (I'm sure), which is almost needed in some cases. Both strangely mixed movies, or the dreaded loud obnoxious commercial wake up call just beg for this, but there are many out there that simply don't do enough, or do too much (noticable volume pumping).

Obviously the original post was a technology announcement (i.e. advertisement). It didn't get the point across as to the performance characteristics of this new feature, or how it's superior to any other. Maybe it isn't. So to make a judgement call on it's value would be far from objective.

I have never heard the Audyssey system, so can't comment on it. I have, however heard the Neptune system, and the difference with it vs without it is startling.
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