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Default Re: Comcast Blurs High Def Image...

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
Comcast rules the world. At least in their mind, their customer service shows that. That's why they are ranked #1 in customer service (#1 on the *#@! list). It's pretty bad when Directv's customer service beats you out. Comcast has shown time and time again that they just don't care.

I switched to DISH because of Directv's poor customer service and the fact that I can get an HD DVR for free. Directv will give you either/or. I don't know if DISH has better customer service or not, because I haven't had to use it and I've had DISH for a year with no problems and very good reception quality.
Glad to hear that you`ve had a good year with DISH. I was a direct sales rep, door to door for cablevision. And, i switched many DirecTV customers to the Optimum Triple Play due to customer service issues, install issues, and high pricing on their HD boxes and HDdvr boxes. I can`t really speak for DISH. Most of my customers that had DISH, were from Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, Paraquay, etc. and want ed to watch their programs from home. Cablevision eventually got a Latino package before I left.

But, I have really no experience with Comcast and how they conduct business.
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