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Smile Re: New high-end Denon processors

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Well, I was home this weekend for my 'conjugal visit' from my temp job, the Denon was all boxed up in my office and I knew I wouldn't have the time it merited to connect and play with so I left it in the sealed box.

It was really hard not to open it and at least peak at it, but I have seen it in person already and read the manual, so I figured I'll wait until I am home for good (likely a month) to tear into it.

Even knowing this, it was tough not to open the new toy!
Man, that is gut wrenching. You know when they say, that was a gut wrenching play, man, just to look at the box all sealed up and pretty, waiting for you to take the seal off the box. Well, you certainly have something to look forward to when you do get home.
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