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Default Re: First-ever THX certified displays: Panasonic PZ800 & LG PG60 series

Originally Posted by rex View Post
My initial reaction when I heard about this, (and saw the rigorous testing involved) was positive. Anything that promotes quality standards in the industry can only benefit the consumer. Still, I think that as long as certification and the right to display the THX logo is purchased by the manufacturer, the significance remains somewhat suspect (although clearly their brand is far too important for THX to put their stamp of approval on just anything). It is unclear whether more manufacturers will seek THX certification, and whether or not consumers will care about it. I, for one, would much prefer to see a list of all models that fail certification, if any, along with the reasons for their failure, though that will never happen.
That is very interesting, a list. but, like you said, I do not see that happening. Though I feel having a standard, I always felt would protect the consumer, and promote good quality control from all the manufacturers. However, I have no documentation to prove that.
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