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Default Re: List of Every Blu-ray Player on the Market in 2008

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I hate to burst many bubbles, but how many of you really think you will use the internet features???

How many of you EVER watch the extras on SD DVDs??

I for one can't remember the last time I watched any extras, so I doubt I will suddenly change my ways and need internet capability for the latest trailers etal...

I am happy for a Blu-ray player (well, I actually own three now, soon a fourth) that does excellent video and audio.
HA!!!!!!! Now that's a good post I wish BD studios would get it together...drop the compressed lossless and use the extra room on a BD for a straight LPCM 7.1 lossless track instead of all this TrueDolby HD, DTS-HD-MA, ect. You've got the room - bring it raw !!!! I for one don't watch the extras either! The last extras that I watched was JACK - JACK ATTACKS in The Incredibles!
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