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Default Don't make my mistake regarding PS3

I have biases I didn't really know I had. I'm a long time audiophile, living in the world of transports and DACs. I really didn't even give the PS3 gaming system any thought as a home theater component. It's shaped like a UFO, is made largely of plastic and it's a gaming system for goodness sake. All this in spite of the fact that I have read review after review praising it's Blu-ray playback.

Well, this weekend was a slap in the face. I purchased the 40GB model this week. I "justified" it as something for my 11 year old, but it sits in my home theater (as apposed to her room). I even bought a few games. What a dad. Truth be told, the Home Theater review of it as a Blu-ray player pushed me into curiosity mode. And you all know what happens after that. By the way, does the EA in "EA Sports" stand for "Electronics Anonymous"? Better yet, a theraputic device.

I'm on my third Blu-ray player (now my fourth). I've had the Sony BDP-S300 (gave it to a firiend), Pansonic DMP-PD30 (now in my bedroom) and finally the Denon DVD-BD2500BTCI. Well, the PS3 bests them all. The picture is very slightly better than Denon and the audio (thanks to the DTS master firmware upgrade) is great. Plus its 2.0 compliant and has fastest load times by far. While standalone player models come and go, trying to keep up with new features and specs, the PS3 (with the exception of bit stream DTS-MA support) keeps pace with firmware upgrades.

I wish I would have considered the PS3 a viable option for Blu-ray playback a long time ago. It sure would have saved me a ton of money.
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