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Default Re: Samsung bd -up5000

Originally Posted by Robbie View Post
Does the SONY bdp-s300 support uncompressed audio
If you are interested in audio playback, this model is not recommended. Although all BD players are capable of uncompressed PCM, this model can neither decode nor bitstream the two most important HD formats: Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA. This means that even if your receiver can decode these, you have no way to enjoy them. But the thing I really hate about the bdp-s300 is it takes forever to power on, then you have to wait again before the tray will open, and again for a disc to load. By the time you can actually watch a movie ...
For about a hundred bucks more (499 vs. 399) you can get the far superior Panny BMP-BD30:
On 5/1 the BD50 will be released which has BD live (v2.0) though this will certainly be more expensive. JMHO
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