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Default Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
No, and I doubt it ever will.

DVD-A and SACD are for most purposes dead, sure I keep four players for these formats in my home, well, actually five counting the PS3, but I can't tell you when I last bought a DVD-A or SACD. I do love some of the ones I have and the sound is so good I wish they would have taken off, but they were just way to unrefined during release (can you say three pairs of IC, then a video and digital cable for a true universal player to the pre/pro?) to ever make it to mainstream.

Thanks to HDMI (a connector I don't personally like but must deal with) Blu-ray is a much easier proposition for J6P to implement.

Keep hoping, but I doubt you'll see a player that does all this ever.....
True, but, I guess, we could still hope?
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