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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
You wanna make more money - you should read my new sales book (that I haven't finished writing yet) which deals with all of the new-school techniques I used to get people to buy ads and even high end audio gear back in the day. Everything from how to build and use custom databases to why I send my homemade spaghetti sauce to prospects as a "personal" thank you for their consideration. Its not that hard.

OR - since you live in Vegas - you could take a Payday advance for like $25,000 and put it on Red and let it spin. 46.7% chance you will make some more money.

Me, I am investing in an Indy movie. I think its more like the roulette analogy but things are really looking up on that front. Being shot in 4k. Will announce two stars you actually know of on Monday. They have said yes and have contracts. Who knows - with a SAG strike looming - we might have a sexy little movie to sell when everyone else can't sell. I am just hoping when the wheel is done spinning it doesn't land on odd or one of those damn green zeros!!!!

All the best to you guys!!!


I tried the roulette spin last week, no luck, this week I'm borrowing 2 million from some friends of ours and Oscar Goodman our re known mayor, who really happens to be a great guy, will do the intros. Question, how can I get a pay day loan when I don't have a paycheck?

Oh yes movie deals, Google "skate Board" because this was my one and only investment in a movie way back in the 70's or 80's. I still laugh when I remember the grand opening in Cleveland with the producer and directors and the rest of their circus. I was lucky to break even considering Hollywood type bookkeeping. Those movie accountants are noted for some very creative expenses! Anyone for a coal mine?

Well I have to go now, I'm on my way to the Wynn with a 100 lb sack of silver dollars to make my fortune at the slots.

Good luck with the movie and don't forget my invitation to the premier.

I almost forgot, my son Brian who lives near the Grove off Fairfax went to film school. A few years ago he made a film called "Being Ron Jeremy". I did help him with expenses but his accountants won't send me any He did the movie on a lark and to see the problems encountered when making a movie from start to finish. The movie is actually quite funny with Ron Jeremy and Andy Dick in the cast. No Porn just jokes and T and A.
Googel Brian Berke and check it out.

Your unemployed friend,

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