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Default First-ever THX certified displays: Panasonic PZ800 & LG PG60 series

The Panasonic PZ800 series, along with the new LG "frameless" PG60 series will be the first displays to meet THX display certification requirements. It remains to be seen how meaningful this certification is. Hopefully this certification will become a new, much-needed benchmark for display quality performance, rather than just another marketing gimmick. In an interview with Audioholics, Dr. Michael Rudd, Chief of AV Architecture at THX Ltd states "The specification covers about 400 data points and close to 30 tests. We start by getting the color imagery correct, then work our way through contrast, brightness and standard user controls. The video signal processing tests are performed closer to the end of the testing cycle. Because we have been able to automate much of the data acquisition, testing can be completed in just over a week or so. We actually list all of our testing at:"

To simplify out-of-the-box calibration, certified displays will feature "THX movie mode": "We consider THX Movie Mode to be the best out of box experience possible. And since we test and evaluate each product, this setting is consistent across all display technologies. THX Movie Mode sets the red, green and blue primaries (color management), the luminance, as well as the black level, the correct value of gamma and correct tracking of the white-point with gamma. We opted to use white point instead of color temperature, since it is more precise. Many of these parameters are not accessible to consumers even from the service menu. So, THX Movie Mode provides them a simple way to get the right settings with just a push of a button. In addition, THX Movie Mode ensures that a display complies with the HDTV standards and will present HD content correctly." Does this feature mean that ISF calibrators will soon be out of a job?
Please post any comments or opinions about what this new display certification may (or may not) mean for the industry.

For the full interview, see:
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