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Default Petition to Comcast, Time Warner

To: Comcast Corporation, Time Warner Inc., Other Cable Providers
We the undersigned, in an effort to motivate the cable companies, hereto attest that the quality of HD we receive is unacceptable. We have observed artifacts, audio and video dropouts, and frequent service interruptions during some of our favorite shows. We have called your "help" desk and received no help. We have reset our boxes, we have waited from 9am to 3pm for service calls, and we have scoured the Internet for solutions - all to no avail. We the undersigned have convinced our spouses that we "needed" a high definition TV just to get "the look" when it breaks up during American Idol. We've had to endure the endless insults and complaints that "this never happened with the old TV."

No more.

Click here to sign the petition:
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