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Thumbs down Re: List of Every Blu-ray Player on the Market in 2008

Originally Posted by Westcoaster View Post
Well I might not chime in with Bob about Blu-Ray being 'doomed'... at prices like this I am not about to rush out and replace my LG Super Multi-Blu in the HTPC with a stand-alone player either!

Denon DVD-2500BTCI Profile 1.1 ($999, available now)
Denon DVD-3800BDCI Profile 1.1 ($1,999, available now)
Goldmund Edios 20 Profile 1.1 ($17,000)
LG BH200 Blu-ray/HD DVD, Profile 1.1 ($849.95, available now)
Marantz BD8002 Profile 1.1 ($2099.99, estimated second quarter 2008)

Yes, I saw the 'cheaper' prices... but as also mentioned when Joe-Consumer see's a $29.99 DVD player at Walmart there is no way you could convince him (or his wife) to spend 10-20 times that much for a BD player.

No way, uh-uh!
come on those are hi end players,denon,marantz!they have always been hi end.
always cost an arm&a leg you omitted lower end players like sony,sharp etc. to make your point.29.99!,yeh in a year the player will be ready for the trash,you get what you pay for.
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