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Default Re: List of Every Blu-ray Player on the Market in 2008

Originally Posted by Bob Walters View Post
At those prices, "where the sun don't shine" seems appropriate!!!!!!!

I guess the manufacturer[s] don't [or won't] realize that the average consumer...the people that buy.....are NOT going to adopt NEW expensive hardware to replace their old [which works very well, thank you very much] Upconverting DVD players are still inexpensive. Also, to adopt NEW expensive software to replace DVD libraries [which also work very well]seems a waste...of money! Actually, how many AVERAGE consumers have seen DVD next to HD DVD[BluRay]so that they are able to appreciate the difference???????? IMHO, unless prices lower, BluRay is doomed....too many other technologies on the horizon.
i don't agree,there is bd players on that list that are affordable and there will always be
hi-end players. you can still get hi-end sddvd players out there
the other thing is were all spoiled by the prices hd dvd players were.we all know tosh sold those players at a huge lose and look where it got them.
i don't think ce's are going to make bd players,at the 200.00 mark at this point.
they would lose money and any company making anything will stop making it if they lose money.if you look at what dvd players cost 2yrs after launch bd players are in the ballpark
maybe a little cheaper and dvd went on to be the hottist item out there.
i relize things are different now,and people are concerned with gas prices,food prices,paying bills,homes etc.this is the only thing that could hurt blu-ray.yet people are buying hdtv's,people that are late 20's-40's,so theres hope.i read all the polls.i read the threads on other forums and the bottom line is noboby really knows whats going happen.
its opitions,and i take it with a grain of heres my opition,the bda and all ce's do not want blu-ray to become the next laserdisc,so as the demend become more the prices of hardware and software will drop.the history of electronics says the prices always drop.blu-ray will do the same
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