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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

As Ken stated I did a LOOONG direct comparison of my 336 (not 335) Levinson to the NuForces.

The differences were immediate and significant IMO. The fact that I still own the REF9V2-SE's should let you know which amp I preferred. I have no THD plots, no intermod plots and don't honestly care what the circuit looks like (eventhough I'm an EE). I care about how it sounds. I know people who live with painfully awful sounding systems (IMO) and justify their choices with specs and review - I'm not one of them.

The link you posted is of an older version of the amps which I have zero experience with and they might have been garbage... I have no idea.

The fact tht NuForce offered in home demo's for $1 spoke volumes to me about their confidence in their product. I'd recommend anyone considering ANY product to test it out at home if at all possible and take every review they read with a large grain of salt.

If a better amp comes along in my price range the NuForces will be gone (like the 336). I have zero allegiance to manufacturers but for now I'm still very happy with these amps.
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