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I first heard a Mark Levinson amplifier about 10-12 years ago(maybe longer) at Innovative Audio/Video in Brooklyn. With a pair of Proac bookshelf speakers. Now I know that most people are not pairing a high cost amp with bookshelf speakers, but that demo till this day I have always remembered. Those Proacs were so clear and articulate. The bass for their size was unbelievable.

Then, here in Scarsdale, at the Listening room a few years ago, I heard a McIntosh amp, with Von Schweirt speakers. That McIntosh amp played so cleanly. It seemed as though the speakers could sing forever.
But who makes the best one? I always wanted to hear the Brystons, they seem to be on everyones recommended list. But I`ve never heard them?
Anyone out there? Let me know.
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