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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I will only post once to this thread and then never again, well, I hope not to...

The reason being is this debate about cables is a very old one, and one that has strong supporters on both sides. People argue vehemently for their side often at the expense of others.

I am an rarity in this argument, well at least a minority....

I started out believing as this author that wire is wire and shouldn't matter. Then I started playing with different wires, power cords etc and realized they clearly did make a difference, so now I am on the other side, so to speak. This didn't happen overnight, it was a slow and arduous journey with much trial and error, but in the end, I do believe in cables affecting sound.

This is my 0.02 FWIW, I will now leave and hope the rest of you play nice in my absence!
I've been an audiophile over 40 years and I agree with Kennyt. One of the factors seldom discussed is listener fatigue. A properly connected set up with good cables, not crazy expensive wire but products from respected manufacturers, along with good solid dependable components, good analog or digital sources, and people with educated ears will usually offer good musical or video output that won't cause listener fatigue the almost unconscious feeling of discomfort. cheap wire is well cheap wire. You get what you pay for within reasonable limits because after you reach middle ground the point of diminishing returns is quickly met from the source through the components, cables and out the speakers to your ears.
You want Monocables? fine, buy them and be happy! I'll pass and use better designed and built cables without breaking the bank.
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