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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

I have two contributions:

-- The Audyssey EQ system is fantastic when applied in an applicable environment. I have done many Audyssey calibrations for differing systems & rooms. It works terrifically for those systems where loudspeker placement [to fit decor, or look right] is more important than acoustic placement-in-a-room. Or, 'the speakers have to flank the plasma, wherever that goes' .. situation. However, in the more high-end set-up WHERE UPON the loudspeaker CAN ALSO have the added benefit of ideal --acoustic-- placement in the room, the EQ benefit (in my opinion/experiences) becomes a big, big loss in the terms of sonic purity....that elusive preference of a system's character is lost, with a 'sanitised' sound removing the uniqueness to a speaker/amplifier combination.....BUT ONLY IN THIS RARE SITUATION. But for the [more common] system where the loudspeaker placement cannot be the acoustic ideal, Audyssey definitely works! The Dynamic EQ is an acoustic marvel for the low-level volume listening; simply incredible....and now dynamic volume for 'leveling'. Terrific!

-- The "Skip 30" second feature lives alive and well on Motorola DCTxxxx cable DVR boxes in Universal remote codes, but not on the factory-supplied remotes. As [mentioned] it is an advertised feature in DISH and DirecTV systems, and on the factory-supplied remotes.
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