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Default Re: 1st post: Splurge on a 73" Diamond or go with the lower end model?

Originally Posted by jdpezold View Post
I tried this option, but Mitsubishi has literally locked me in to the authorized dealer it was purchased from - and they're not receiving any more 73733's. So I'm stuck choosing between the diamond and the aforementioned yet-to-be-released 73735. I'm fine with the 735 series. I know it doesn't have the 120HZ thingie, but the reviews I've heard on that feature don't exactly blow me away.
In that case, I would personally wait. I feel the Diamond series is very overpriced. You pay a huge premium (nearly double) for a negligible improvement in quality. JMHO. (The new models are officially supposed to be released on 5/15 so you only have to wait a few short weeks.)

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