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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers


I know Jim Swantko (AKA Silver Supra) had the Mark Levinson 335 amp and once he bought (yes, he bought them before reviewing them) he sold his 335.

I hope Jim chimes in on this one, he has a lot to say about this topic, and I have to admit, the NuForce amps are a great deal. Digital amps have really come a long way, they once were only for subwoofers, now the technology has made its way to the upper end (the new ML amps are digital with linear power supplies, Jeff Rowland has digital amps, Bel Canto too among others. Krell hasn't made the jump, and in so many ways I hope they never do as to me a Krell amp needs to break your back!!!

We'll see with CEDIA only a few months away who else jumps into the digital amp domain.......

I agree with what you said on speaker choice, I would say they are the first thing to pick when starting from scratch and work back from there (WOW, this from a former Linn guy who used to be source first.....)
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