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Default Re: Casino Royale Blu-ray Movie Review

I watched this last night on Blu-ray and REALLY didn't like it despite everyone I know loving it. Tim Duffy from Simply Home Entertainment, Bryan Dailey here in the office as well as Maureen Jensen, the editor of Home Theater Magazine all thought the movie was great.

I thought the action scenes were too far over the top to be belivable. Older Bond films saw crazy action but somehow they just wern't that over the top. Bryan says the book Casino Royale had poker in it when I complained about the producers trying to cash in on the boom on Hold-em poker. I also complained about the love interest and Bond's willingness to fall for her. Bryan says that is why Bond was such a pig in future movies. I can't remember the book that well as it was 20+ years since I read it.

Am I crazy to not loved this movie on Blu-ray?
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