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Default Re: Netflix vs. for Blu-ray titles

Originally Posted by oildalemonkey View Post
Yes, the cost increase was already mentioned a few posts up, but why are people so upset about NetFlix raising prices on BD rentals? The physical discs themselves cost more (unfortunately) than a standard DVD so it makes sense to charge more from a business standpoint. When you rent a car, do you get the premium model for the same price as the economy model? I know I don't.
There's a difference, Do you price rental cars all at the same price and when there is no more economy cars you go up on the price? It's classic bait and switch.They made profits when they were priced the same as DVD's. Now you will have fewer people renting BD's opting to buy only when its a must have - other than that, just up convert. It really does hurt mass adoption.
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