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Default 1st post: Splurge on a 73" Mitsubishi Diamond 73833 or go with the lower end model?

Hello everyone. I'm a newbie and this is my first post. I'll give a brief background on where I'm coming from.

My wife and I moved back to our hometown from SoCal two years ago and bought a house sight unseen - that is, somebody took 180 pictures and emailed them to me - and was instantly sold by the fact that the previous owners were leaving their home theater (along with a 73" Mitsubishi widescreen) for us.

So last fall I was watching Monday Night Football and I get this horrible blue screen. Long story short, there's a problem with the TV so 'unfixable' that Mitsubishi would rather give me a $1300 credit than fix the one I've got. So now I've got a dilemma: this home theater was installed at the beginning of 2001, so none of the components have HDMI or anything. Not even DVI. So should I splurge on the Diamond model (73833) at $3,900 or wait about four more weeks and get this new model they just announced (WD-73735) which will cost around $2,900 - less the $1,300 credit, of course. If I get the cheaper TV, then I can afford the Denon 3808CI I so desperately want.

Am I sorely mistaken in wanting to get the right component to go along with a brand spankin' new HDTV? Or do you guys think that I should go ahead and get the diamond and tough it out for a while with a seven year old receiver (which was no slouch in its prime)?

I appreciate any feedback you can offer, and am glad to be aboard!

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