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Default Re: What about HSU Research?

Originally Posted by pws442 View Post
Kennyt: you think the 350W Hsu would be OK with the Bose?

rpliii: you want to ditch the Bose.

My quandry is many-fold. I have two sets of the Bose, one is in a room with no equipment hooked up, and my living room/listening room configuration seems just made for the little boogers. As you can see from the attached picture, the wires run from the stand behind the TV. The left speaker then goes up into the attic, and down to the mount just to the left of where the picture ends. Very clean, very neat, and IMPOSSIBLE to change.

WAF (wife acceptance factor) is very keen on the size of the speakers. The sound is good to me, and my friends. Sure think a maple sub would look good there!!!
There are bookshelf speakers slightly larger that could replace the "little boogers."
But, if you insist on keeping them, the smaller sub would probably blend better with them sonically and visually.

Also, after seeing your latest picture showing the TV placement, I would get some curtains for that window or maybe grow the plant taller. I bet even with the blinds closed you get some horrible glare, especially on a screen that size.
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