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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers


I would suggest finding a speaker you like first as the speaker has the biggest effect on sound, then once you know the speaker you want, you can see what amps would mate well with it. It is kind of tough to start with an amp then hunt for speakers....

IE What if you find you absolutely love ultra high efficiency horns? You might only need 1-2 watts to power them and really need tubes to smooth out the top end.

You might like horribly innefficient beast of speakers that will require massive monoblock amps, or anything in between.

The best thing to do is go around and listen to as many different set ups as you can get your ears to and see what you like. If you have your heart set on the NuForce amps (I know Jim Swantkop still loves his) you could get them, as they are pretty powerful, but if you find a speaker that needs a different sound from the amp then you could be in trouble.

Go out and start listening and see what works for you!
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