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Default Re: Which power supply???

Originally Posted by wes View Post
An other method is to buy a 3-prong-grounding-adapter-2, this works every time!
The amp is using a PS Audio Statement power cord, which has a removable ground pin. Removing the ground pin had no effect. Still a hum. I did not have the time to use the cheater plug all over in my system.

Regardless, I have encountered grounding issues throughout my many audiophile years. It sounds different than any grounding problem I have encountered.

I don't know how much of the initial post you read, but I have had the entire system plugged into an out SEPARATE outlet than the 1050, but in the same circuit. In other words, the 1050 was plugged in standalone with nothing plugged into it, into another outlet on the same circuit. When I plug in the 1050, the amps hum, when I unplug it, the hum stops. I was NOT trying to solve a humming (grounding) issue with the 1050. It is introducing the hum.

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