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Default Re: Blu-ray Now In 10 Million Homes

So are bootlegged versions, the local video store, etc, etc, etc... We are comparing to NOW, not in the mail maybe but NOW.

We are talking cool interface. Not a couple of bucks difference in getting what you want NOW. We are talking millions of people who already have accounts on itunes and know-how to use the interface. READ there VISA card is already on file. NO GOOFY points system or mail system. I mean apple is laughing all the way to the bank.

Better sell your stock in netflix, blockbuster, and perhaps sony; cause apple made every music player obsolete within a few short years while we all nashed our teeth about quality and compression and how much better SACD is and blah blah blah blah blah.

Can you say paradigm shift.

I had ten 4 year olds at a birthday party a week ago and after all the fun and games everyone ended up in my theatre watching a Jimmy Neutron Movie within 5 minutes of deciding that would be a great idea. Not one kid or parent said, "You know the audio presentation sort of suffered and I dont think that 720P looked as good as my BlueRay" they said, "That was awesome, you mean I could get one of those to hook to my TV"
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