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Cool Re: Blu-ray Now In 10 Million Homes

Originally Posted by HomeTech View Post
Apple TV already has 720P and for those with 50" or smaller TV's you could hardly say your eyes are sensitive enough to tell the difference.

How many kids with PS3's are going to buy expensive DVD's?? How many care about the things people on this forum care about?? Sure, the geeks and tweeks care but they cant buy enough to make the math work. Dont be offended I'm a geek/tweek as well.
Well on a 125" screen 720p is not good enough especially if you sit close. Once Apple gets their act together hopefully soon and release 1080p movies with uncompressed audio then downloads will reign and blu ray will RIP, until then blu Ray will take over DVDs.

I can tell you that prices are coming down!
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