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Default Re: Blu-ray Now In 10 Million Homes

Apple TV already has 720P and for those with 50" or smaller TV's you could hardly say your eyes are sensitive enough to tell the difference. In FACT your subject to how good the film transfer is anyway! I have a 92" screen and have some Blue Ray Titles that the transfers were so poor to suggest they are ANY better than a good quality 480P DVD player is laughable. Apple TV is subject to this as well, but there 720P looks pretty darn good and is VERY convenient. Notice that Apple has hardly even advertised the thing, they are waiting for their video library to expand and then when they launch hard.... Blue Ray will have seen the beginning of the end. This should be the last proprietary format from Sony we will have to endure. The money spent on this should finally teach them a lesson about greed and their proprietary stuff. They have been subsidizing the PS3's and other products to get these things in the market place. How many kids with PS3's are going to buy expensive DVD's?? How many care about the things people on this forum care about?? Sure, the geeks and tweeks care but they cant buy enough to make the math work. Dont be offended I'm a geek/tweek as well.
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