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Default Re: New System Advice

Thanls for the response.

I looked at the Sony 52, but I think it would really overpower the room. My existing entertainment center is 57" wide and is sandwiched betwwen the back door swing and a cased opening into the kitchen with just enough room for a subwoofer on the floor. That is why we need smaller speakers. There is just not enough room on each side for floorstanding or large units. The Sony 46 at 50" wide fits better than the Sony 52 at 56" wide on this furniture. Also, the entertainment unit is 47" high and we plan to put the TV on top on the pedestal mount for now. It may be wall mounted later. The Sony 52 is just too large and we are used to watching a 27, so I think it will be fine. The thing I hate is that it goes on sale somewhere every day at one of the local stores, so the price keeps changing hundreds of dollaars and they will not honor it the next day. CC knocked off some, but then they required a protection paln to do so. I really hate salesmen that will not give the best price fisrst shot.

Here is the pricing we have so far. The list is lacking a few cables & accessories, but has the big ticket items to compare relative cost.

Component Local best price (CC) B&H Photo (Internet)

Sony XBR 46 2,800 2,550
Onkyo TX-SR805 830 740
Onkyo iPd Dock 110 80
HDMI Cable 6' x 2 230 200
Panasonic BluRay DMP-BD30K 500 495
Protection Plan 368 0
Shipping & Tax 290 167

Total Delivered Price 5,128 4,232

I am wondering if the bump in cost for local store is worth it. Protection packages are generally a bad deal for the consumer and a hassle when anything breaks.

We planned about 1,000 to 1,500 for new speakers. Thee is not a clear leader at this point and everyone's opinion is different. There does not seem to be clear winner in the reviews I have read unlike the HDTV and receiver. I do not have a local store that can have everything I want to audition together set up. The days of the enclosed multi-component sound room seem to be gone in favor of the big box store. Everyone just has them on the shelf with just one full setup that does not have the components I want to see together. I am not an audioplile, but I do want want quality midrange equipment that can handle both home theater use and music. These are some of the speakers we have under considertion:

Kef KHT3005 5.1 system
Klipsch Sub 12 & Quintet SL 5.1 system
JBL Various 5.1 systems from B&H
Polk Various systems
Infinity Various systems

Any other speaker options in this price range would be useful. I would like to hear the good and the bad so I can make an informed decision.
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