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Sig's hair is shorter!

I need to look into this more, it seems room EQ, which was once only done by a few like TacT (Lyngdorf) and Meridian, then Audyssey, now it's done by many.... Audyssey is in many systems, and Anthem now has their own (which is smoking good!) I would never have guessed room correction to be the next front in HT and audio, but it seems it is rapidly becoming one!

I am stunned at the trend in Room Correction, and very thankful for its rising! Few of us, even you Jerry, are using rooms perfectly designed for HT or audio, so RC seems fitting, and when you add in the way it can take a simple system and makes it sound BETTER you can only love the idea! I am still stunned how much better the Anthem ARC made my room/system sound!

I am still currently watching Deadliest Catch here in Montgomery, AL......
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