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Default Re: New System Advice

Originally Posted by amhorne View Post
HDTV: Sony KDXL 46XBR Bravia LCD - pretty well sold on reviews and store visits
TV Source: Charter Cable - for the moment anyway
Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR805 - pretty well sold on reviews and store visits
iPod Dock: Onkyo DS-A2X iPod Dock
Cables: HDMI wherever possible
DVR: Undecided - may be future option
BluRay: Undecided - Looking at a Panasonic unit
Speakers: Undecided 5.1 for now , 7.1 in future - probably not Bose this time
Open to suggestions, but small size and great sound required

Optional relic components I might or might not reuse:

VCR: Sony relic reused - used rarely
DVD/CD: Sony relic reused - used often
Turntable: Pioneer relic reused - never used since CD/DVD took over

Any comments or suggestions on this configuration?
The TV is a bit small for the likely 10+' viewing distance, go with the 52", it is closer to the size you want. I can't pick on the Onkyo receiver, great choice for the money.

As I guess it, you'll have ~$2-3K in the TV, a bit less than $1K in receiver, so you'll have between $2-3K for speakers.

I am not sure what your definition of 'small' is for speakers, I still love my Kef 5005.2 system, that can be had for less than $2K and surprisingly will fill a large room with sound, but if you can go bigger, and can push the budget, look into the new Def Tech Mythos STS towers for the fronts, add a matching center and surrounds, you could bypass a separate sub for the mean time as each tower has a sub in it.

Some other speakers I like in that price point are Paradigm, which make many lines you can easily get a 5.1 system for that price, and I would also add DCM, they sell entire systems for <$2K and they sound very good for the price as well.
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