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Default Re: Krell Showcase 7.1 Processor

Ebay isn't so bad. I agree that you have to go with the "Buyer Beware" attitude. But if you're going to try to buy through Ebay ALWAYS look at the feedbacks of the seller and see what kind of history they have. If they have been selling high end, expensive equipment for a while and have almost 100% positive feedbacks, then you're probably going to be safe. Also, a legitimate Ebay seller will usually accept Paypal. If they happen to be close enough for you to drive, shoot an email to the seller and ask to audition. Stay away from sellers that are new, in foreign countries, deal only in cash/money orders/cashiers checks/western union, and have low ratings.
Last year I got an Arcam AVP-700 (it has HDMI) for $900 from a seller in the midwest, and a Sunfire TGP-5 for $1800 from a local dealer who had it hooked up in his house, so I was able to demo before buying. Actually, I offered him cash on the spot which was much better for him. He cancels the auction for whatever reason, then he doesn't have to pay Ebay fees, Paypal fees, or dealing with packing and shipping. I get a great deal, with warranty.
Sorry this is long winded, but you can do well on Ebay. Just be cautious.
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