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Default Re: Next Gen, HDMI 1.3 Receivers Slow To Market Do You Really Need Them?

If we all jump into the ( Way Back Machine ) we'll find a entertainment system in a audiophile's home consisting of: A reel-to-reel, a German made turntable, (2) tube amps, a pre-amp, two well made studio monitors and the best door bell wire the local hardware store had to offer. Technology will stop evolving when a comet hits the north pole. Why can't we as adults admitt the fact that all of this stuff are just toys! We get tired of a source; We buy something new and/or better. It's like trading in a one year old car. Toys! We can choose between a Acme lawnmower and a air-conditioned lawn tracter, too. We are a generation of, "What's next?" Look at the cell phone market. The mini-bike you asked your dad for isn't the same one your kids want. Let us go as men go and enjoy the " chip " revolution! Where's my jet pack!

T. R. Tatum
South Florida
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