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Default Re: Worl HiFi Group is the new distributor for Electrocompaniet!

Originally Posted by World HiFi Group View Post
The Escalante Design Fremonts are amazing sounding! As they should be; they were designed by Terry Budge who used to be with Wilson Audio.
I'll second this!

I have been in love with these speakers since HE 2005 when I first heard them. I am getting a 5.1/2 system of Escalantes for review here shortly and can't wait for them to arrive. I am not sure of the final array, but it sounds like it will be Fremonts for fronts, and Junipers for center and surround. We are still up in the air if it will have one or two of the Uinita subwoofers.

These speakers always seem very realistic and have incredible dynamics. I have heard they can be plugged directly into a wall outlet without blowing yet can be powered by as little as one watt amps.

I'll keep you posted as they come in!
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